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Upcoming Group Show

"Fender" 60" x 48" oil on canvas

Currant solo show:
Whitney Modern Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
24 N Santa Cruz Ave 2nd floor

Los Gatos, CA


November 2019

I'm honored to have been asked to contribute a painting to the Los Gatos Museum's (NUMU's) Permanent Collection.

It's taken me a while to decide what this piece should be. I wanted to create something not only interesting to myself, but meaningful to NUMU and the Town of Los Gatos. After visiting the museum's "Sis Boom Bah": The Life and Times of Los Gatos High School Exhibit, I knew I wanted to paint this Wild Cats football helmet. This helmet was on loan to the museum from the family of local legend Charlie Wedemeyer. I was able to borrow the helmet to create this painting which I will be donating to NUMU and which will be part of the "New Additions" Exhibition: Newly Acquired Artworks to NUMU's Permanent Collection 2014 to Present.

November 1, 2019 - March 8, 2020, Opening reception Friday, November 1.

"Victory" 48" x 48" oil on canvas.



I created this painting for a very important organization and cause. I'm donating this original piece to the Hunger at Home Bridge the Gap Gala, 6th annual fundraiser. It will be offered in the silent auction Saturday night, October 12, 2019 - 6:00 pm at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.
Painter's All Star 48" x 72" oil on canvas
Retail value $16000.00, starting bid $1000.00



Painter's All-Star, 48" x 72" oil on canvas

Please visit the Hunger at Home website for more information on this amazing Non-Profit organization.

Hunger at Home partners with convention centers, hotels, resorts, stadiums, and entertainment venues to donate surplus food to soup kitchens and other charities to feed those in need. To date they have donated millions of meals that would of otherwise gone into the land fill. Additionally, they host events for their charity partners, donate used amenities, china, glassware, bed sheets, and much more. Hunger at Home also proudly assists their charity and nonprofit partners with job placement and equipment needs.
Simply put, they are a group of people helping people.

The 6th Annual
Bridge The Gap Gala
A benefit for Hunger at Home in partnership with Martha's Kitchen in support of ending homelessness and hunger.

Leisure and Light:

May 2, 2019 through June 16, 2019.

Whitney Modern is pleased to present Leisure and Light: A solo exhibition featuring works by Gordon Smedt.

Whitney Modern Gallery Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

24 N Santa Cruz Avenue, 2nd Floor
Los Gatos CA 95030 | (408) 402.5922 |


"Splash" 68" x 68" oil on canvas


"Relax" 48" x 48" oil on canvas

"Relax" 48" x 48" oil on canvas

Spring exhibit at Whitney Modern

April 25 - March 2018


"Leisure" 58" x 48" oil on canvas

More images coming soon

The Pink Pop-up Show

Over 30 wildly diverse artists gather to reflect on one happy color, Pink. A plethora of interpretation.

"Super Pink" by Gordon Smedt 60" x 48" oil| canvas
The Pink Show at Castelli Art Space
November 30 – December 3 • 5428 W. Washington Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA. 90016.
Curated by William Wray & Carlos Iglesias.

Mountain Network News  November 2017

Gordon Smedt Donates Painting to Loma Public Education Fund

Ben Abeln


Renowned artist and mountain resident Gordon Smedt donated a piece to LPEF for auction at the 2017 Gala. The 40-inch x 70-inch oil on canvas depicts a personalized California license plate MTNMAMA. Gordon says, “There is something unique and grounded about the folks I have met and become friends with in this mountain community. The deep and thriving bond shared among mountain neighbors, friends, and family is invaluable and rare. Many factors contribute to this great community, but I’m convinced it’s the mountain moms who build and maintain its core.” The live auction of the painting raised $22,500 for the Loma Public Education Fund. Gordon’s work is on display at the Whitney Modern art gallery, 24 North Santa Cruz Avenue, second floor, in Los Gatos. For more information, email, or call 408-402-5922.

"Mountain Mama" 40" x 70" oil | canvas

24 years ago, we purchased our home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The day after we closed on the sale, I hiked to a vista on our property overlooking our new home and the mountains descending to the Monterey Bay and had one of the biggest rushes of my life. My arms stretched wide, I told myself I would never forget this moment nor would I ever take for granted how lucky I was to have a home in one of the most beautiful places in the world. All this, before I knew of the mountain community I was about to become part of.

It may take a special type to live in these mountains, or perhaps these mountains attract a special type. There is something unique and grounded about the folks I have met and become friends with in this mountain community. The deep and thriving bond shared among mountain neighbors, friends and family is invaluable and rare. There are endless factors that contribute to this great community but I'm convinced it's the Mountain Moms who build and maintain its core.

Gordon Smedt

This piece is a tribute to all the Mountain Moms and will be donated to the Loma Prieta Education Fund's Gala live auction on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

"Mountain Mama" 40" x 70" oil on canvas.

The painting is temporarily on display at the Whitney Modern Fine Art Gallery in downtown Los Gatos until the Gala event.

Whitney Modern
24 N. Santa Cruz Ave. 2nd Floor Los Gatos, CA

Recent Exhibition:

Gordon Smedt " BIG BOY" |  Solo Spring Show

Whitney Modern Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

May 9 - May 28

Artist Reception Thursday, May 11 | 5:30 - 9:00 pm


Gordon Smedt "Up Close"

Peninsula Museum of Art

February 19, 2017 - April 30, 2017

Opening reception Sunday February 19, 2017 2:00pm - 4:00 pm

"Fresh Paint" Solo Show May 2016


One of the highs in my career is to exhibit my work publicly. I've been excited and extremely motivated working towards my solo show "Fresh Paint".


My initial goal for this show was to paint ten to twelve strong new pieces. I was not concerned with a theme as long as each painting had something uniquely new and fresh about it. A challenge I've experienced in the past while painting for shows is producing freely while under the pressure of expectations and deadlines. There's a tendency to approach the process more conservatively as opposed to creating for myself as if no one was watching. I wanted to take chances and stay inspired throughout the process. I created this series of work with an openness to growth and change not solely relying on what I already knew.


I decided to try something new and develop all twelve pieces simultaneously instead of completing one or two at a time as I had done in the past. I wanted each painting to play off each other while not allowing one painting's success or struggle to dictate how the others should be executed. My intent was to make each painting uniquely different in execution and style. I forced myself to drift in and out of my comfort zone. I wasn't trying to escape my style, rather, I wanted to subtly test the boundaries. I wanted to exceed my own expectations and discover something in my work I had not anticipated. As a result, producing a strong, lively, and inviting body of work that is unique in its parts yet cohesive as a show making it fresh to my audience and myself as well. -"Fresh Paint"

"Fresh Paint" May 2016
"Fresh Paint" Opening Reception
May 5, 2016
2015 solo show
"Can You Dig It?" Los Gatos, CA

Mountain Network News

May, 2015

New Gallery Show for
Local Artist Gordon Smedt

Montana Miller

Our old shoes become his muses and we are faced with a colorful nostalgia of our childhoods: a time when wearing a superhero T-shirt made you more powerful, when forgotten gears in the yard were the treasures of your kingdom, when the world held everything to be discovered.


Mountain resident and Bay Area artist Gordon Smedt is probably best known to the mountain community for his generous donations to the Loma Prieta schooldistrict-gala fund-raisers. Currently, Gordon is working on a new series of paintings entitled “Can You Dig It?” that will be exhibited May 19 to June 21, at the JCO Fine Art Gallery in Los Gatos.


Gordon studied at San Jose State University before he was awarded a full scholarship to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he graduated with honors. His painting style spans a range of influences. The iconic subject matter of his large works draws upon pop art, but his animated brush strokes and loose structure renders impressionistic qualities. From afar, his paintings appear as photo realism. However, a closer examination reveals layers of interconnected textures and colors applied to build an abstract depth within his works.


Gordon uses everyday objects that he can enrich with life and present with a new importance. His large, bold paintings are direct and captivating. Smedt says, “I want my paintings to arouse happiness, memories, and positive emotions. If someone looks at one of my paintings and smiles, I’ve achieved my goal.” It is these very smiles that abound when Gordon creates the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Gordon maintains it’s the everyday things around us that demonstrate a silliness and vibrancy we often overlook.



San Francisco Fine Art Fair at the Forte Mason Pavilion 2011 and 2012. Gordon Smedt's work represented by Hamamjian Modern San Francisco.

"Eternal" 58" x 48" oil on canvas

One of ten floral themed artworks exhibited at the Tritan Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA.

Fall Floral Show, October 18, 2013



May 15, 2012

Well, it wasn't exactly Tuscany, but close enough....

Edible Silicon Valley

Cover Artist Gordon Smedt Summer issue 2013


Loma Prieta Education Fund Gala is a Stunning Success.

Gordon Smedt’s painting, entitled “Pinot,” brought the evening’s most-spirited bidding during the live auction. The winning bid was $27,000. (Gordon’s canvases have raised $137,000 for LPEF over the past eight years.) 
Robert Lohrer, photo Greg King

Magic on the Mountain Gala 2012 was a sellout and a booming success. The elegantly dressed crowd spent a memorable Saturday evening tasting, dining, and dancing as Maison du Lac was transformed for an evening of “Magic on the Mountain...


Highlights from the San Francisco Art Fair


by Michael Accorsi

When the day was done, the gallery I revisited and one of the many that left enthusiasts buzzing was Hamamjian Modern of San Francisco. Paintings by Gordon Smedt and Douglas Andelin filled their display as onlookers gazed at the fantastic contemporary samples of modern art...


Art Lover's version of Stop 'n' shop at an art fair

Leah Garchik
Sunday, May 22, 2011  
It was a three-fair weekend of art, art and more art, in addition to the Steinorama at SFMOMA. There'll be more about all of it in a day or two, but suffice it to say now that as soon as the starting pistol sounded, spies said Danielle Steel, resplendent in orange chubby (a furry shrug in feather or fur, hard for spies to be sure) and lavender bag and shoes, "swooped into" the S.F. Art Fair at Forte Mason...

 August 3, 2011

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce One Night Stand, a group exhibition with guest curator, renowned author Danielle Steel. The show is comprised of artists represented by the gallery including Donald Bradford, Eric Michael Corrigan and Pang Chieh-Hsu as well as guest artists Daniel Anhorn, Jerry Kunkel, and Gordon Smedt among others.

a. a sexual encounter lasting only one evening or night
b. a person regarded as being only suitable for such an encounter

WOW!!! It's amazing how some words or descriptions have a special impact. The words One Night Stand conjure up memories....and preconceptions we all have, One Night Stands are about romance or sex or both, either you knew it was going to be a One Night Stand right from the beginning or it turned out to be. There is mystery to it, and a certain cheekiness, doing something you know you really shouldn’t do, but can’t resist. It is about the irresistible, the irrepressible, the dangerous, the daring, the outrageous, the forbidden, the foolish....One Night Stand.
--Danielle Steel


Aug 10, 2010

Danielle Steel: Art Curator

One of the pleasures in author Danielle Steel’s life is hanging out with artists, and when she gets the chance, she curates a gallery show...


A Taste of Los Gatos

Sept 20, 2009
Benefiting the Los Gatos & Monte Sereno Police Foundation, "Police Cruiser", painted and donated
by local artist Gordon Smedt raised $13000.00  in the  event's auction. The painting was purchased
and donated to the new Police department where it now hangs in Los Gatos.

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Artistic Philanthropist Gets Creative in Vintage!

Here's one cool dude tricked out in 70's Vintage Clothing he scored from - meet artist extraordinaire Gordon Smedt...

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